+2 @ Xavier International

Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Nepal, offers an excellent +2 programme in Science, Management, and Humanities. Xavier International Secondary school has established itself as one of the leading Higher Secondary schools in Nepal and is best known for its progressive teaching and learning approach.

In completion of the program, the students develop solid foundation in their chosen subjects to pursue their higher education in addition to learning certain life skills for effectively meeting the challenges and opportunities that modern time provides.

Practical demonstrations and inspiring theory classes by expert and experienced teachers prove instrumental in delivering required outcomes. Periodic assessment and tests are the unique methodology and trend followed over the years. Our +2 results, among the best in the country, justifies to the academic excellence of our course.


Our Learning Philosophy

Education is a Process

Xavier international college has high expectations for all its students and teachers in the college plan to scaffold success for all students from their point of entry. This means that learning opportunities are planned so that all students are challenged appropriately, by providing work that is a little too hard and then providing support systems to enable students to work through their difficulties to achieve success.

Education is a Partnership

We believe that the most effective way to maximize success for your child is through the operation of a three-cornered partnership between the College, the Home and the Student. The partnership has two main goals:

  • offering the best possible educational experience to each and every one of the students;
  • maximizing each and every student’s learning.

Program Objectives

The objective of the program is to balance knowledge, understanding and skills  to enable students to become effective learners to provide a solid foundation for their continuing educational journey.

What we expect from our student

  • 100% attendance and punctuality
  • Compliance with our smart dress
  • Full participation in every class with great interested
  • Completion of independent work to the best of your ability
  • Adherence to our culture of respect and maturity
  • The commitment to being a positive role model to the rest students

Courses Offered

Students are required to take 5 subjects in class XI  and 5 subjects in Class XII respectively .

Our +2 programme is divided into the following computational subject groups:

Class XI (First Year) Science
English Physics Chemistry Mathematics Optional subjects - Biology, Computer Science
Class XI (First Year) Management
English Nepali Accountancy Economics Optional subjects - Business Studies,Hotel Management,Computer Science,Mathematics
Class XI (First Year) Humanities
English Nepali Mass Communication Sociology Rural Development
Class XII (Second Year) Science
English Nepali Physics Chemistry Optional Subjects(anyone) - Biology,Mathematics,Extra Math(only for Bio-Group)
- -
Class XII(Second Year) Management
English Accoutancy Economics Optional Subjects - 1 (anyone)Marketing, Business Mathematics Optional Subjects - 2 (anyone)Business Studies,Hotel Management,Computer Science,Mathematics
Class XII (Second Year) Humanities
English Mass Communication Sociology Rural Development Rural Economics

Admissions Process

Admissions & Enrollments to the College are not limited by religion, race, gender or zoning boundaries. The availability of positions is limited. The application process includes:

Step:1 The submission of an Application Form,

Step:2 Sitting an Entrance Exam,

Step:3  An Interview process with the student &parents and

Step: 4  Finally an Offer of Placement/Outcome. Individual appointments to discuss enrollment and visit to the college may be made by making arrangements with the Admissions office.